April Snow remains Winterlike… so do avy conditions

Chutes are skiing well today and anywhere else that hasn’t gotten burnt by the sun. The cloud cover is making the spring warm up a little slower today and likely will the rest of the week. However, there is still winter like snow in North faces like the chutes providing excellent skiing.

For those of you in the BC this week. Avy conditions can change with the sun’s heat from hour to hour. There are also wind slabs up high still releasing up on Carson Pass and Mt. Rose proper and elsewhere above 10K. You can check a Go Pro slide ride a skier had yesterday at: http://snowbrains.com/video-skier-goes-ride-avalanche-carson-pass-ca-yesterday/

Good time to ski with caution. Had a control turn trigger a mile long slide yesterday in Rose side country. You can catch that one at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ScVgrkMvnQ

Good reminder to not let your guard down just because its April. Ma Nature doesn’t care what month it is… just like the Honey Badger.


Snow is still moving… have your gear, training ready… expect nothing… be ready for anything!

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