April Powder with No Chowder

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 will go down as one of the best Spring Powder days in the history of Mt. Rose and the Sierra Range at large. Staying cold the two feet of snow was augmented occasionally during the day by refill winds and occasional pow showers.

You couldn’t say describe the quality with too many adjectives really. My favorite run happened later in the morning after we had skied a lot of longer lines when I arrived at the top of Shangri La… opps I thought, “Skied out” but then looked to my right and realized that the Mountain Mahogany Line facing almost due South off the top was untracked, and more unbelievable, deep enough to ski in April. Typically this South facing ridge of rock and brush isn’t  skiable at all, much less in April. Launching turn after turn, tentative at first and then with abandon, I let gravity take me a dance I shan’t soon forget. In my mind it was slow motion turn after turn after turn in powder that was cold smoke and deep.

I think many of us shared moments like that in The Chutes or elsewhere on the mountain… finding little secret stashes and returning through some trees until we tracked them out with happiness. To put it bluntly, if you didn’t have a stellar time yesterday on the mountain, make an appointment with a mental health professional, you need some serious counseling.

We did a partial BC day yesterday and there were some pretty big slides. As the sun warms up the snow today be on the lookout if you are skiing BC for some instability and you’ll probably find it depending on the aspect and gradient. Happy Sunday Everyone!


Joey Rolshoven goes Slide Hunting
Justin Cutler contemplating deep penetration

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