April Showers? OK, Deluge & Snowmagedon VIII headed our way!

This mornings NOAA briefing has tomorrow’s storm on track with copious amounts of moisture headed our way. I try not to comment too awful much about forecast storms but this well advertised storm is worthy and the trend has been upward rather than downward in intensity. Due to the SSW wind direction we should get decent spillover which will result in feet rather than inches at Rose and rain in the valley. As the cold front makes its way in, snow levels will drop to near the valley floor for an unusual April Door Buster type storm. The intensity you see every decade or more. The snow level predictions are all over the map. That will have a big impact on the amount of snow we end up with and flooding concerns.

That being said, expect creeks and rivers to rise… how far is dependent on snow levels which are anywhere between 6500 and 7500 feet plus or minus a thousand feet. One thing that is for sure is the fact the jet stream will be overhead resulting in winds up to 150 mph up on the peaks. Rose is closed today and may very well be closed tomorrow as well. Saturday the winds will relax their grip*. I would expect avalanche danger to rise significantly with this storm so, if you are headed out, remember to treat it like mid-winter conditions, slopes will be loaded from wind and storm deposition with enough snow to cause some major damage.

Despite the complaints of many about shoveling fatigue, spring fever and this seemingly endless winter,  I remain a small minority of die hards when I say “BRING IT” and we will ski it (and with a big goofy smile on my face) as I once again share Doug Coombs quote with y’all, “There is no such thing as too much snow.”


* For more specific and detailed weather info please visit our friends over at: www.tahoeweatherblog.com


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