Spring into Winter this week

Skiing was wonderful today and will continue in this vein with gradually warming temps till Thursday. Just follow the sun for good skiing. And remember, a few degrees up or down can make a huge difference in whether the snow has softened up or not.

Days will continue to be sunny to partly cloudy with small winds the rest of the week till Friday, when it appears, a strong spring storm will be upon us. Its looking like this atmospheric river will bring all snow to Rose even if the snow levels rise considerably. Forecasts are looking at a foot to two feet of snow if all holds together. The trend has been stronger and stronger with this disturbance which bodes well for us. For those of you sick of the snow, great shopping awaits you at the other summit, the Summit Mall. Have fun, hope you get first tracks at Kohl’s or Sears or Macy’s or wherever shopping finds you.

The pic is of a guy who had waaaaay too much to drink obviously and who wants his name protected, right Bill?


Here it is from the horses mouth!

* Precipitation: Precipitation will begin early Friday morning,
  lasting into Saturday with the heaviest precipitation expected
  Friday afternoon. Preliminary estimates are between 2-5 inches
  along the Sierra crest, with 1-3 inches in the Tahoe Basin
  Sierra foothills. Between one-half inch and 1 inch of precipitation
  is possible along the Sierra Front.

* Snow: A significant increase in snowpack is expected above
  7000-7500 feet (8000-8500 in Mono County) with 1-3 feet of snow
  possible. Below 7000 feet (8000 in Mono County) forecast
  confidence is much lower, however some snow accumulation is
  expected by Saturday night.

Truly a “twisted soul” with a lot of guts*
A James Bond reference to “Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and the snowplow scene

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