First Chair Steve

Steve hung out reading the paper, catching up on phone calls, eating breakfast waiting for the slim chance that the lift would open despite Zephyr reporting increasing winds and a hold that started at 8:30. As the others drove home, Steve patiently waited… on a hunch and not wanting to endure the windy slow ride up Lakeview with “the others.” And just like the doors to heaven opening… around 10 something the clouds parted and he was the only one on the lift. He had the entire Slide Side to himself as NW was still on hold. Over and over he came swooping down in this skier’s dream… down 6″ of light dry 20 degree pow… until the three of us showed up. Then there were four of us… trying to determine which untracked runs we would put our skis on. Yeah, the wind was still howling and the chair was slow, but none of that mattered. We had the mountain to ourselves for a little while with two cars in the parking lot besides staff.


Today will be good with some windblown pow in places. Look for it!


Liken it. Steve (on the end) smiling his way down “his mountain” yesterday.

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