Sun and Flapjacks headed your way!

The weather is looking warm and pleasant for a $2 pancake breakfast followed by some runs and then beer on the deck or a tailgater. Its going to be a really nice weekend of spring conditions, but really, you should drive over and catch the World Cup at Squallywood… lots of glitz, glamour and furry topped boots for you over there. Y’all don’t want to waste your time with little ole Mt. Rose now do you when there is a World Class ski event just right over the hill.

Our choices today with my daughter on new skis were 2X ATW’s, an Aida’s, Saddle Chute and some hike to skiing on sastrugi to sample all conditions on the mountain and see how the skis performed… the run sequence couldn’t have been much stranger, but in spite of it all, we had a great time. Just goes to show that its all about who you are with sometimes that makes the world go round!

I know “You Can’t Stop Stupid” but I am getting tired of picking them up off the valley floor or joining SAR for a search, so, in the interests of public safety, “someone” installed a STOP sign at the bottom of Manzo Bowl to at least minimize “Stupid” or make him a little less ignorant at least. Hope it works at least a little! It is very visible from most locations in Manzo going down.

Lastly, Rose has had enough time without a blizzard dump to install 3 parks, the two Big Boy jumps on Double Down, a variety of elements in Badlands and a Quarter Pipe on Galena. Lots of fun to be had for  you pilots out there.

Also, you can bet there will be Wet Slides in the BC this weekend so stay attentive to the sure signs of heating snow, pinwheels, sloughs, natural slides on a slope you are about to ski etc. These warning signs are pretty clear. Have fun out there and here hoping you have a great weekend!



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