Big Boy Lifts Down Again… Can you say “Sastrugi?”

The Wind had reared its ugly face once more and shut down the Big Chairs… for those of you that didn’t show up to ski this morning… you really didn’t miss that much. The wind had really worked all that cold new snow hard and the skiing was mostly wind buff when it was good and crusty when it wasn’t or actual Sastrugi which always makes for some interesting turns. There were some powder pockets too but you really had to hunt for them and they generally didn’t last long. Just check out the slope conditions photographically below. That didn’t stop the hoards from showing up for Zephyr’s opening though, the parking lot had quite a few folks thinking they were going to ski some bottomless white pow… not! Skiing was often better where the wind pack has already been cut up revealing softer snow hiding underneath. On the plus side the sculpturing of the Sastrugi was beautiful and sublime.

Forecast is for a big warm up tomorrow with increasingly temps for the rest of the work week.. it is almost mid-March, so we shouldn’t be surprised. The parks are being rebuilt and should be good to go tomorrow. Avalanche danger is dropping and the sun will be playing hide and seek. The big storm forecast for this weekend headed North so we will get the winds most likely and the high clouds and showers (which are happening right now).


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