1/18/11 Enjoy Your Ice In The Afternoon

The situation is much improved from yesterday… which doesn’t mean its good. It just means you probably won’t necessarily slide into a tree should you fall. Conditions were “firm” as reported by Mt. Rose which translates into “wear your body armor” is you are getting on the steeper slopes before noon or so. Still very hard today with lots of slidable ice early on but a huge improvement from yesterday nevertheless. The non-groomed runs were usually roped off, with even the low angle slopes being deemed by patrol as too dangerous to ski. I could not agree with them more. Patrol has, by the way, responded to the icy slopes with great aplomb and despite the bitchiness of the locals, did a great job of keeping people safe over the last couple of days.

Patrol was asking skiers to stay on groomed runs only and even with that some groomed runs were a crapshoot on whether they would hold your edge or not in places, examples being Lower Ramsey’s and any of the face runs. In other words… the caution signs were still up. Be extremely careful the rest of this week in the AM. The PM presents an entirely different picture however, if you can find a run in the sun. Shangrala, renamed Outlaw was in great shape once it thawed out as was Sunrise of course and Silver to a lesser extend. Afternoons may be your best bet until we get some more snow… and thats looking like February!

Sven Svenhardt

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