1/16/11 Happy Juneary

Happy Juneuary Skiers and Riders!
A light misty rain and ominous low clouds scudded across the Slide Mountain Summit first thing this morning. However, as the day wore on the blue began to win the battle in the skies and sunny (and somewhat sodden) slopes were enjoyed by the holiday crowd. Having not froze, the groomers were soft and slurpy first thing and got softer as the day moved toward noon and 50 degrees. Before they were all torn up the groomers were a ball as was any bumps that had been skied in like Golds, Zephyr, Gregs, etc.
Just by chance I rolled the dice and tried Nightmare and to my chagrin it was outrageously good. After another run we moved on over to Yellowjacket and stayed there the rest of the day, run after run. Yes… it was THAT good. Forgiving, supple and slow, the snow let me ski fall line a never before… kind of like “slow powder”. The slurpee consistency allowed GS turns down 4o to 50 degree slopes and the bumps… at the bottom. You just couldn’t do wrong. As the forecast looks we are getting more of the same for the forseeable future so I would suggest coming up early, getting some great “spring like” runs under your belt and then enjoying a beer on the deck at Winter’s Creek.
Now thats a good day!
-Sven Svenhardt

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