1/15/11 Skiing Appreciated, Passholders Unappreciated

Considering the warm temps in the upper 40’s yesterday, the skiing today was fantastic. Grooming was great and the corduroy was as soft as a babies bottom. So many groomed runs to choose from. The morning skiing under sunny skies and little wind was wonderful. The chutes were another story however. Even after waiting until after 11:00 AM to open them, they were still quite hard, and in places an ice rink at 45 degrees. Needless to say it might be better to wait for them to really warm up and hit them in the afternoon tomorrow or wait for more snow sometime in the distant future. As for the lines… well they were certainly holiday style after 11:00 AM and not something I would choose to stand in for long. Come up early or stay at home I say!

Also attended Passholder Appreciation Day. Looks like all passholders were appreciated for spending an exorbitant amount of money for beer and brats. Although the public paid $5, all passholders received a whooping dollar off as as good will gesture. Thats right, Mt. Rose made only a 250% profit instead of a 350% profit. I have never heard so much grumbling from the Greek Chorus. It basically boiled down to this… “I spend hundreds of dollars on food every season, I buy season passes for me and my family and the company offers me a dollar off as an “Apprecation”, thats pathetic, why bother. That is not an Appreciation, that is an insult.”

As for me… the skiing was great and thats what matters!

Sven Svenhardt

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