1/8/11 Time To Double Down

The groomers were busy last night with more runs than I can remember being groomed beautifully including: Upper Ramsey’s, Aida’s, Bonanza, Silver and Sunrise, Central, Bruces and Shangrala. The morning was a lot of fun with Colorado style groomers at high speed with very low crowd quotients. Powder was still holding up well on Northern and Eastern exposures for those who wanted to hike.
The Double Down Terrain Park is finally open for business and it was looking like there was a lot of fun to be had under the Zephyr Chair. The lifties were all happy today as if they received a post Christmas Bonus. Hope they did! They deserve it with Hunter and Jessica getting a special salute for efficiency while still being hospitable. That must be what living up on the mountain will do for you. Skies were blue most of the day and the West winds were increasingly throughout the day but not too bad up until lunch.

Sven Svenhardt

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