A New Season, A New Look For UnofficialMtRose.com


The first snow of the new season fell today on MountRose.  There’s a chance of more snowfall throughout the weekend at the Mount Rose summit, as today’s cold upper low stalls over Nevada, creating a classic Tonopah Low scenario. While the expected snow totals are not huge, it makes all of us dream of sliding on snow, except for Sven, who’s on vacation in a different latitude.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.59.53 PM

We figured that with that new snow, it was time to roll out a new look for UnofficialMtRose.com. While accepting change is never easy, we were never completely in love with our old look. It was thrown together in a frenzy of a divorce from Unofficial Networks and was never meant to be permanent. More than than two years later, we’re finally getting around to changing the look.

The new theme brings a modernized look to the site, most importantly for the growing number of users that use mobile devices to access the site. While we’ve spent a few weeks working out kinks and refining some features on our development server, there’s still a few bumps here and there that we are still ironing out. We’ve also updated our site at Alpine Meadows; and the Bear Valley and Mount Bachelor sites will be done over the next week.

Hopefully the change in the look for UnofficialMtRose.com will also encourage a change in the long term weather pattern to one that produces a lot more snow this season!

Mark from UnofficialAlpine.com

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