2/9/11 Sunlight and Sparkles

Stellar conditions on all groomers today with Central, Bonanze, Bruces
and Outlaw open for business. Sunrise was closed due to a High School
race. The Rose side saw great groomers on Lakeview, Northwest,
Ramsey’s, Carson and Aida’s. Waterfall to Gregs and Sunset were also
groomed but a little mangy. The off-piste is not desirable unless one
has a sadomasachistic streak. The Chutes were open again with a choice
of Beehive, Miller and Nightmare. Lets just say each of the runs lives
up to the Nightmare moniker. I would put all the chutes on the “I’ll
wait till it snows or warms up ALOT before attempting any more slide
for lifes” list. Read “Heinous” between the lines. They would be great
practice for ice climbing however if you’ve got a pair of crampons you
want to try out.

The crowds were low, visibility great and speeds breaking the sound
barrier with perfect groomers. Come on up for some speed runs, you
won’t regret it!

Sven Svenhardt

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