1/6/11 Pow Hunt

Jan 5
Beautiful blue skies greeted skiers today with fantastic grooming on Shangrala. Bruces was left ungroomed as well as Upper Ramsey but there were exceedingly nice tracks to be had on Shangrala. NW was running on impulse power which slowed things down a little but the lack of wind made up for all imperfections. All in all a beautiful day!
Jan 6
Another perfect day for the record books with great groomers in the morning and good weather all day long. A little warmer so the South facing pow is finally being effected after a week. Not too shabby even by Colorado standards…
There is still cold pow to be found on all Northern exposures if one is willing to hike. (And I am).
Grooming was super fine today with Central, Bruces, Upper Ramsey and Lower Ramseys and Lower Lakeview all groomed and beautiful. The Big Jumps are also being constructed in Double Down as I write this so things will be looking up soon for the Park Monkeys by this weekend.
The sun is out up here in the mountains and all is wonderful. Come up when you get the chance!

-Sven Svenhardt

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